Business Coaching – Business Yoga

Business Coaching

Research has shown, that within organizations there’s a need for certain theme development. Coaching in business has to do with creating individual growth of employees.

Business Yoga

Scientific studies have shown that yoga at the workplace increases the resilience and health of employees.

Coaching employees has a positive influence on daily functioning, at work and home. For a company, this means optimizing the professionalism, clear communication, increased self-management and better cooperation. This reduces absenteeism, better job satisfaction and a healthier business.

Most common topics:

  • Timemanagement
  • Stressmanagement
  • Overload, Burnout
  • How to deal with doubts and fears
  • Learn how to handle stress with colleagues in a different way
  • Develop specific competences
  • Develop specific competences
  • Transition to a new function
  • Leadership for the first time

Ongoing workshop in companies:

Stress Management (combined with yoga techniques and appropriate tools) to reduce stress at work.

As a freelance coach I assist companies and organizations in various fields.

With this yoga you invest in the health of employees and the quality of their work.

This yoga contributes to a positive work environment, reduces stress and absenteeism.

It is an ideal way to learn how to deal with stress and to keep a clear head in stressful situations. This increases the productivity of the employee.

Yoga also has a very beneficial effect on back, neck and shoulder problems from people who are seated for long time behind a desk.

Yoga at work, in short, is an ideal way to get your employees on their breath and recharge batteries again, through exercises and techniques that can be easily performed in a working environment.

Yoga in the workplace ensures:

  • better focus
  • more creativity
  • more thrust
  • more energy
  • higher sense of happiness
  • less absenteeism

As a yoga teacher I regularly teach companies and am in possession of the necessary yoga mats to teach on the move.

Why a course Stress Management at work?

The time when stress symptoms are laughed off, is clearly over!

Stress at work is in many companies experienced as a serious problem. The consequences are not to be underestimated , for both the employer and the employee.

In order to deal with stress at the workplace a clear analysis and awareness of what stress actually is, what it does to us and how we can deal with this, is necessary. In this course / workshop, employees are made aware of what stress is, what it is doing to them and how they can change it themselves. Theory and case studies wil guide them how to deal with stress.

In this dynamic and interactive program tools will be handed that can be applied in the workplace and provide a healthier and more active work. Based on several models the different types of stress, personal stress level, recognizing and managing stress and self-reflection, will be better understand. The rational and emotional look at stress will come together and provide the tools to better cope with it.