Breathing and your Mind together

An old Yoga Story ….

Visibility, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch and Breathing have a discussion about who is the most important of them. One of them proposes therefore to find out without what man really can not live. Breathing was the only one left.
Awareness of the breath is the most valuable instrument / tool that yoga offers and teaches us.
In our culture is not consciously taught us how to breathe and as a result our breathing over time gets disturbed by reactions to stress.
Your awareness of your breathing will help you to reduce stress, sleep better, feel healthier and to be your best self.
By controlled deep, slow breathing your mind calms down and your stress reduces.
You can change your emotional response to a situation by automatically switching to a slower deeper breathing.
Through Breath we can remain calm in stressful situations.
Breathing is therefore a way to train your mind to be calm, which is important if you want to achieve greater awareness.

Sarah <3

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